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 How to be Saved from Radiation


Given the research showing that there is  serious risk and harm from radiation emitted from EMF/RF wireless technology. Learn which are the most dangerous of them all.

Smart Meter Radiation

A Smart meter is a radiofrequency (RF) emitting device that the utility company has installed on your property for reading the gas, water and/or electric meter in your property. The RF signal then transmits information back to the utility company about the usage of the utility. This device operates 24/7. These smart meters are very dangerous and emit a strong radiation.

WiFi / Router Radiation

The world runs on WIFI.  WiFi has increased its presence in homes, offices, public places, shops, coffee shops, in  transportation, schools, hospitals, and various places in  the world. WiFi is a vital part of our lives, as it allows us to be constantly connected. But it emits radiation that is not good to be around.

This WiFi radiation, or non-ionizing radiation, is associated with symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and loss of concentration. It is recommended to ban WiFi in public places and schools.

One good way to protect is to turn off WiFi routers and other devices at night, or when not in use. Another tip: It is highly recommended to turn off the wifi router at home and hardwire internet to your home instead of using WiFi. 

Baby-Monitor Radiation

Radiation is something invisible that you cannot see or feel. Infants/children are very vulnerable to radiation. Wireless baby monitors operate at the same frequency as microwave ovens and continually emit radiation. What is the best thing to do? Keep the baby close by.

Bluetooth Radiation

Bluetooth radiation is dangerous because radiation emitted from all Bluetooth Headsets and Technologies and is a type of wireless radio wave frequency (RF) also known as microwave radiation. According to research, Bluetooth increases the risk of cancer and can  microwave your brain. Best to use speakers and keep the device at a distance and airtube headsets.

Cellphone/Smartphone Radiation

When turned on, cell phones and other wireless devices emit RF radiation repeatedly, even if they are not being actively used, because they are always communicating with cell towers. evidence shows that prolonged exposure to even very low levels of RF radiation is dangerous. The best thing to do is to use an air tube headset, hold the cell phone away from your head/body or use a speaker phone. Place a shield between the phone and your body to shield from radiation when talking on the phone. Another thing is to turn off the WIFI and the Bluetooth and put the phone on 3G network. This reduces the radiation tremendously!

Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity is voltage spikes of harmonic frequencies of 60 Hz. These generally occur in the 4,000 to 150,000 Hz range, or 4-150 kiloHertz (kH), although they can also occur at higher frequencies. 

Cordless Phones Radiation

Cordless (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phones emit high levels of microwave radiation. Since the base station that is powered 24 hours a day, most of the harmful EMFs come from that. The antennas on the cordless phone radiate hundreds of feet of EMFs. What can you do? Go back to the old-fashioned corded phones. You may notice improvements in your overall health, sleep and concentration!

When sleeping remove all devices from the room. Such as: radios, TVs, answering machines, VCRs, lamps, computers, etc. If you must have any of these keep them at least ten feet from your body and unplug them before you sleep. Avoid using your cell phone as an alarm. Use a battery operated alarm clock if you need. It is recommended to remove TVs entirely as they still emit fields even when unplugged.

Cell Tower (or RF) Radiation

Cell towers communicate with Cell phones nearby mainly through radiofrequency (RF) waves. RF waves form non-ionizing radiation. This means they do not directly damage the DNA inside cells, as opposed to ionizing radiation that do damage the cells. Examples of ionizing types of radiation are: as x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet (UV) light which are thought to be able to cause cancer.

When a person makes a cell phone call, a signal is directed from the phone’s antenna to a nearby base station antenna. The base station answers this signal by assigning it an existing radiofrequency channel. RF waves transfer the voice information to the base station. The voice signals are then sent to a switching center, which transfers the call to its destination. Voice signals are then relayed back and forth during the call.

The microwaves from cell phone towers can affect your body’s own EMFs, causing a selection of potential health problems, such as: Headaches, infertility, birth defects, cancer, memory loss and more.

Cell tower microwaves can easily penetrate metal and brick. How far should one be? A German study explained being less than 1300 feet (400m) (the “inner area”) is 100 times greater than radiation emissions beyond that distance (the “outer area”).

Another research was conducted by Israeli Tel Aviv university. The conclusion was that those who lived 350m or less (about one-fifth of a mile) from a cell phone transmitter had four times higher risk for getting cancer. The Tel Aviv University research found that women seem to be more inclined to the health effects of living near a cell tower than men.

If you find that you live within the “inner circle” of cellular towers, the best thing would be to move to another place. And if you are planning to buy a home in the near future – check the area first before you buy. To find out how close the nearest cell tower go to:

In Israel:

5G Network Radiation

In essence, 5G is the worst one of all! 5G was designed to offer 1000x times the speed of 4G.  But the radiation is so strong that it is very dangerous to humans. Currently, there is no way to stop 5G technology. There is no protection either. The best thing to do is to try to limit your EMF exposure through limited use of phones and smart devices. Or not to use them at all. The best way is to browse via 3G on the phone. However, even if you give up your phone, there’s no way to completely avoid it because you’ll still be exposed to the thousands of towers installed across your city.

In Conclusion

The best thing to do is to hardwire everything. Shut off the WIFI in the house and in all devices. Put all cell phones on 3G network mode. Although 3G network is starting to be eliminated slowly completely. Opt-out of smart meters. Hard wire your internet in your home via Ethernet cable and do not use WIFI. The shielding products will protect but only up to a certain point.



  • For Bluetooth devices you need shielding effectiveness of 2.402 GHz – 2.483 GHz (2400 MHz).

  • For WIFI you need shielding effectiveness that ranges at 2.422 GHz – 2.483 GHz

  • For Microwave oven you need shielding effectiveness that ranges at 2.412 GHz – 2.483 GHz

  • For Smart Meters you need shielding effectiveness that ranges at 902 MHz and 2.4 GHz

  • For 4G (LTE) network you need shielding effectiveness that ranges up to 2.5GHz

  • For 3G network you need shielding effectiveness that ranges up to 2.1 GHz (though 3G is considered much safer than 4G and above)

  • For 5G network you need shielding effectiveness that ranges up to up to 90 GHz (Note: 5G will use spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimeter wave bands (24–86 GHz)


Low: 600 MHz to 6 GHz (1G-4G)

Medium: 6 GHz to 30 GHz (5G)

High: 30 GHz to 300 GHz (5G)

Dangerous: 60 GHz and up (5G)

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